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TRASPO® INOX 330L & Trailer

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TRASPO® 330 INOX is a container designed, manufactured and approved for transportation of hazardous goods according to ADR Classes 3 – 5.1 – 6.1 – 9 of II and III Packaging Groups; it has been tested and certified by Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in compliance with ADR regulations and is UN marked. Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, tight welded and protected by a shock-proof and antirolling stainless steel framework. It is provided with forklift pockets and structural eyebolts for bottom and above-head hoisting, even when full.

Main features:

  • Volume: 330 litres.
  • Dimensions (WxLxH) : 1085x790x H960 mm.
  • Empty weight (including pump cabinet): 132kg.
  • 3” filling quick plug with adapter for padlock.
  • Emergency and safety three-effects vent valve certified in accordance with ADR regulations.
  • Manhole, diameter Ø 300 mm complete with oil-gasket and tight bolted cover.
  • Level indicator.
  • Bottom drainage pipe.
  • Single axle trailer , Not braked, 1000kg
    Plateau in alu tear plate 2 / 4mm – B1100 x L2000
    Equipped with nose wheel and 2 rear support legs.


  • Explosion-free pump Ex-50 : 12V ( gasoline & aviation fuel built into lockable stainless steel case )
  • Explosion-free pump Ex-50 : 220V  ( gasoline & aviation fuel built into lockable stainless steel case )
  • Automatic fuel nozzle.
  • Antistatic rubber hose for gasoline or aviation fuels : 5 Meter.
  • Mechanical fuel meter for non-commercial use.
  • Water absorbing filter. ( 30 micron / 70 l/m )

Gasoline transport:

Due to its construction characteristics TRASPO® 330 INOX is an ideal solution for transportation of high-flammable fuels and for on-site refuelling of vehicles powered by gasoline, such as quads, snowmobiles, snow cats, jet skis, water scooters, rafts and boats. This tank can be easily moved even because it can be mounted on a dedicated trailer. It represents a perfect solution for sports structures, nautical clubs and rental centres.

Aviation fuel transport:

The demand for aviation fuel at small airports, air-clubs, heliports and private airfields is increasing day by day; TRASPO® 330 INOX represents the ideal solution for transportation by road of aviation fuel as AVGAS, MOGAS, JET A1, JET B, JP8 and to refuel aircrafts directly where they are stationed on the airfield. All fittings, equipment and accessories installed in this tank are proper for handling aviation fuel and they are also essential to maintain the fuel quality and to meet the safety and environmental requirements.


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